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Monday, February 27, 2012


My favorite past time besides writing and to read. I always get books at the flea market. Saves the environment and they are really cheap!
Best of all I got both for 1.50

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bottles from Greece

I got these for a dollar each. I looked these up on Ebay and they are going for $27.00-$31.00 EACH. Id say a great find!

Mini plates

These were just to darn cute to not get. $5.00

No amount of shot glasses is enough

Yes I bought more shot glasses! I just love those little pieces of glass!

What caught my eye was the Paris one all the way to the left. All 6 for $5.00

Very coloful tin & painting

As driving to Walmart we see this huge grass lot full of stuff and a huge sign saying "thrift store". This wasn't your average thrift store. This place had THOUSANDS of items tucked everywhere! After looking high and low for what seemed forever we walked out with these two items:

This tin has to be one of the coolest Ive ever seen! It was made in 1990 in England. It is signed but we cant read his hand writing. My husband found this one :)

What caught my eye the most is this painting. Its on canvas that was stretched to a piece of canvas backing No signature of the author. I love it! We are going to matte and frame it today!

What time is it?

Great find at our local Goodwill! I love all things Paris!

New obsession...

So after finding that red tea pot im now obsessed with them. Here are two that I found on Saturday

The brown one if from England and the green one is from Japan!

All the best things in life are FREE!!!

Yesterday as we were leaving to go to the store we see this awesome mirror next to the trash can. The people had to have just put it there considering we were in and out of the house all day! Its not dinged or scratched up at all!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Apprecation for the odd things.

We kept seeing a million yard signs over the past week for a "rummage sale". So Saturday morning me and the hubby drove out to Snail Isle to check it out. I have to admit it was not impressive what so ever but I did walk out of there with what seemed to be the only unique thing! 

We only paid $1.00 each!
  The theme and colors of the pictures go so well with my bathroom!

Weather is HORRIBLE!!

So lately it seems like the Florida weather has sucked!! Rainy and cold days make bad days to go out to the flea market (hence why there has been no posts :(! ) Next weekend is looking promising tho and boy am I excited!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cheap & tasty dessert

So this post is a little different then the rest. This does not feature a "used" item. I picked up a whole flat of strawberries for $5.00 and this is our favorite way to eat them!

To make this its very simple.
1. rinse strawberries and remove green tops.
2. Dry strawberries very well. 
3. Grab a bowl and a big plate. Fill the bowl with some sugar/splenda
 4. Roll the strawberries in the sugar.
5. Place them on the plate. Be sure to leave space and none are touching or they will freeze together!
6. Freeze over night.
7. Toss in some ziplock freezer bags.
 Best thing is you can store these for up to a year! I love to eat them frozen but you can defrost them as needed to!

Glass, glass and more glass!

If you've ever been to the flea market you will notice all you see is glass!! The thrill of it is finding unique glass and rare items that you cant find at your normal store!

This guy who sold me these are one of my favorite vendors out there! He always has the best glassware and its really cheap. He told me he "does it for the fun of it". Got the whole set for $3.00

 This bottle I found in a random box of dollar items! Its empty but is still so cool to look at!

Another item that required a little TLC

If it wasn't for stuff like this, I wouldn't enjoy this!

 Everything always looks a little ruff at first!

 So for $3.00, a little TLC and wood polish you get this!

Such a good beautiful Sunday to hunt...

This weekend was so beautiful and the perfect setting to hunt for great items. I came across a few good things!

  So I've decided that I want to start collecting pretty/unique glass tea pots. This is the start to that collection. Don't mind the camera... this is actually a deep blood red color! $2.00 

In addition to the tons of shot glasses I own I couldn't pass these two up! $1.00 each

I am totally obsessed with all things Europe. For a buck these coasters came home with me! Best part is they are heat resistant/grease resistant!