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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Italy anybody?

This is the last item I found today for the weekend.
These were made in Italy and have Italy markings in the bottom.
They will have a future home for raw vegetables and smaller bowl will hold dip!

Book Lovers

So Ive decided that I will collect all of the older hardback fairy tales for that future child!
In the mean time for $1.00 I couldn't pass this up for that purpose!
Best part is they were used lightly so they just needed a quick wipe down.
They will serve purpose on a shelf until the time comes!

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil

Need I say more? 
Who doesn't have enough of these awesome items?
When they find there special place ill update!

Random cute item!

Im a sucker for cute random items!
When I walked past this I could not go home with out obtaining this!
In all cost $5 for whole set.
Little dish soap and like brand new!

Shot Glasses

Since my thrift shopping obsession I have started to collect multiple items. One being shot glasses. 
These were all from the flea market.
Coffee mugs were a craigslist find.
All items on top of shelf are from flea market as well!
Shelf is used as well!

My First Project

This item here is what inspired me to start this blog.
Found this item at a lady's table for $1.00 
As you can see this thing is gross!!! The wood was all uneven and had some nasty black marks on the inside walls.

With a little bit of wood polish and sandpaper this was easily turned into this: