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Monday, February 6, 2012

Cheap & tasty dessert

So this post is a little different then the rest. This does not feature a "used" item. I picked up a whole flat of strawberries for $5.00 and this is our favorite way to eat them!

To make this its very simple.
1. rinse strawberries and remove green tops.
2. Dry strawberries very well. 
3. Grab a bowl and a big plate. Fill the bowl with some sugar/splenda
 4. Roll the strawberries in the sugar.
5. Place them on the plate. Be sure to leave space and none are touching or they will freeze together!
6. Freeze over night.
7. Toss in some ziplock freezer bags.
 Best thing is you can store these for up to a year! I love to eat them frozen but you can defrost them as needed to!


  1. Yum! I bookmarked this for the next time I see strawberries on sale!

    Follow me!! Swap from Swap-Bot

  2. I <3 STRAWBERRIES! My mum bought me some just the other day, they are still very pricey here though, as it's still wintertime in sweden! Can't wait for summer, when we will have our own in the backyard!

    Never done that with strawberries though, need to try!

    hugs, dollythe (swap-bot)

  3. Hi. When I was little, I and my sister were always making this desert. Except before putting strawberries to freezer we smashed them with sugar(if you understand what i mean). It was delicious!

    disturbia000 swap-bot.